This blog is dedicated to helping others learn how to embrace their scars through inspirational stories, quotes, tips, humor and tears. It is for those who have suffered. But also for the family and friends of those who watch, and feel helpless.

This is also the place where I will launch my novel, Scars, Scribbles, and the Power of Crayons, when it is ready to be published. It is a novel based on a true story, my story.

It is 1974.  Lexi, a feisty seven year old who likes to spy on grown-ups and believes in superpowers, has big dreams and a big imagination. She also has Hodgkins stage IIB.  She refuses to let cancer, or those monsters and bloodsuckers (doctors and nurses) stop her. But Death, an actual character in this story, has other plans for her. 

After the sudden loss of one of her sick friends, Lexi faces the fact that despite her arguments with Death, she may be the next to die. Lexi and her mother embark on a journey through the deserts and canyons of Arizona.

She finds death in the deserts, scars in the rocks, life at The Garlands, and lots of magic in Sedona. Pueblo Indian dance

To her dismay, she finds Death’s handy work all over the desert including the ghost town of Jerome and the ruins of Pueblo Indians long past. But Sedona has a different kind of magic where Pueblo Indians can heal you with a dance,  The Garlands is a magical place, and the Grand Canyon is greater than

window of a little blue Pinto and the land of Pueblo Indians. The signs of Death are there, but it is also a magical place where an Indian dance has the power to heal, and Mother Earths scars are revieled.

I know something about scars. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins stage IIIB when I was 7 years old. Thyroid cancer when I was 21. Cancer in both kidneys at 46 and am currently on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant. I am 49 years old.

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  1. I saw you have an Instagram from a comment you left on Emily Stevens acct. which lead me to this amazing blog. It made me smile just seeing your name. I feel horrible about losing touch over the years and wanted to let you know I think of you often. Reading your words touched my heart. You really are such a beautiful, strong and talented woman. I look forward to your novel being completed because I know it would be a book I read over and over again! I love you.


    • So thrilled to hear from you, Lauren! It has been hard writing and editing the past while being so sick. Especially since my memory is all over the place or erased in places. I certainly don’t feel strong, but I am working on it. You’d be surprised how many times I think of you, especially when I pass certain gated swimming pools. BLACK hole! xoxox


    • MG!!! Hello my magical friend. Thank you so much for all of you kind words and support on Twitter. You have a light that shines. It shows in your eyes and smile, and reveals itself in the inspirational things you say and post. Take care dear heart. You and I know this is a bit more intensive and complicated for us than most, but we never have to go through any of it alone. God bless social media for connecting us with kindred spirits!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re so sweet, Lara and thank you. I enjoyed many of your posts. I do not know why you have no LIKE button. I am so happy to have connected with you. You are a kindred spirit. Lots of love, MG..XXOO


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